Weekly chapel is part of the Trinity Preschool experience for children ages three, four and five. Chapel is appropriate for children from any or no faith background. Weekly visits to historic Trinity Church incorporate songs, stories, and activities designed to encourage community and explore values like respect, compassion, and kindness. Unique among Episcopal school teachers, Trinity teachers create weekly lesson plans with the children during the week, following the children’s lead on themes to grow their young spirits. They lead the chapel sessions with the children, incorporating story, song, dance and art-making.

Kathy Bozzuti-Jones is the Trinity Preschool chaplain. She brings studies in education, Christian ethics and spiritual direction, as well as ordination in interfaith ministry. Her aim in chapel programming is to help children grow in the love of God and to understand themselves as beloved. She brings expertise and passion for encouraging children’s growth in goodness, openness to others, and spiritual practice.

If you have questions about the Chapel experience, you are welcome to contact Trinity Preschool Chaplain Kathy Bozzuti-Jones. Learn more about additional programs and events for children and families at Trinity Church Wall Street.

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