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Imagine a curriculum tailored to your child's individual learning style and interests.

"The teachers are just fantastic. They are so committed to the kids." —Jonathan

Each teaching team’s goal is to get to know your child well in order to provide individualized attention and care. Each classroom has three full-time teachers who all have a vested interest in your child’s well-being and development.

Well-rounded growth depends on strong relationships between children, families, and educators. A big part of that is developing a relationship of trust with your family. Relationships take time to foster and the foundations are laid during parents’ initial personalized tour, followed by an intake meeting before your child’s first day of school.

After observations of your child’s play experiences and a dialogue with you about your child’s interests and developmental levels, the teaching teams design a thematic curriculum that supports your child’s development.

“The teachers are so knowledgeable. We learned so much from Trinity about how to work through some of the challenges of parenthood.” —Daniel

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Experience Overview


Infants are unique individuals whose needs vary from moment to moment. Teachers in the preschool’s infant program respond sensitively to each child’s signals to provide consistent care. We understand that during infancy, as at every other stage of growth, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical needs are intertwined.


Because children learn by doing, each toddler’s gifts and interests are encouraged in a nurturing environment. In our classrooms, we play a lot. The “work” of play includes storytelling, dramatic play, building with blocks, making art and music, and dancing, all of which enhance language, physical, and emotional development.


In the preschool classrooms, children are able to learn and grow at their own rates and in their own ways. Each classroom’s curriculum is based on the many aspects of a child’s development, as our focus is on the whole child. We provide large- and small-group activities as well as a wide range of choices supporting interdisciplinary thematic units.

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