Imagine full-day, year-round
child care and education.

Trinity Preschool is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm all year round, with only one extended period of vacation—the week before Labor Day. We offer five, three, and two-day enrollment options, subject to availability.

Upcoming Closures

Full-Day Closures
January 20, 2020 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 17, 2020 – Presidents' Day
April 10, 2020 – Good Friday
May 22-25, 2020 – Memorial Day Holiday
June TBD, 2020 – Staff Outing
Early Closures
January 17, 2020 – Close at 4pm
February 14, 2020 – Close at 4pm
“I’m a single parent and the full-day and full-year coverage was especially important to me.” —Colleen